In The Month Of Dying

One night in the month of April, she dreamed of stars coming to life. She played with them and fell asleep- so peaceful it was after a long while. Her heart felt the same uneasiness when she woke up from her dream, the same feeling of emptiness in her chest. How she wished for that dream to last longer!

In the month of July, she wore full sleeved clothes to hide herself from the cold within her. She read a book about a mother who was possessed by a demon and the only way to get rid of it was to kill herself. It made sense to none but her as she knew living with a demon was like being in a cage, struggling for air to breathe.

In the month of September, she lied down on her bed to find sleep. Her eyes were wide open, cold was creeping upon every part of her body. It was so cold, she felt she could freeze. Blanket, clothes didn’t work. They never did. She was fading away with the air. Nothing would be left of her, she thought. Tears rolled down her cheeks but yet she kept her promise. ” I’ll be smiling when I’ll die.”

She is living her dream but sometimes she shows up when called in other dreams. And how she makes you wish for your dream to last longer!

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