On a dark night, in the middle of the woods Lily found herself lost. She had no idea how she got there. It was a lifeless forest it seemed as there was absolute silent. No sound. Then suddenly a shrill chirp of a bird rings in her ears. It was a beautiful bird. She had seen the bird somewhere, she thought. She followed the bird to a Lilac tree. The lilac tree.. wondered if this is the same tree. She climbed up the tree while the bird sat on it’s branch staring right into her eyes as if looking for something. Looking was hard in that dark forest. She found the tree house…the same tree house that she had seen when she was a little girl.

Entering the house felt like entering a memory. Her father stood there smiling, with a birthday cake in his hands. “Happy birthday to you” he sang in a handsome voice. She closed her eyes to blow the candles but as soon as she blew one, the joy vanished. She felt a breath, a cold breath touching her face. She opened her eyes and saw her father’s face. Plain face with no eyes, no ears, no mouth. She stepped back in horror and started crying. Her father laid there making no sound. A silent death indeed. The girl sat there completely shook, horrified. Her father had died in front of her eyes. She kept wishing this to be a nightmare. She kept wishing for it to end. But stillness never brings end. Everything was still in that forest. Lifeless, silent. No sound.
The cake there had something written on it, she noticed. But it was not ‘ Happy Birthday Lily’. She looked closely and read, ‘ Your greatest fear has come to life’. It was a thought that came in her mind regularly these days.’ Her greatest fear has come to life’. Why not, she lost everyone she loved and now her father died too. Whom did she have with her but her own self?

She couldn’t stand being in that place for long, so she climbed down and looked for home. She finds a house in front of her eyes . On it’s terrace is a small girl with ribbons in her hair, feeding a bird. Just one bird on the terrace. Little Lily and the beautiful little bird. But then the bird looks at her in anger and comes flying towards her, stops right in front of her eyes and lands on her feet. It still is beautiful, just a shrill voice. Maybe it changed, she thought. Everyone changes, she thought. She looked in the bird’s eyes and said, ‘I will accept you’ with a smile. She looked at the bird, until she couldn’t see it anymore. Behind her she found her shadow leaving her. It grew larger and larger it didn’t even look like her shadow. ‘ Your greatest fear has come to life’. The shadow did nothing. It just stood there in front of her. But it’s presence was driving her crazy. It was her shadow but still it didn’t look like her. A lesser known part of her maybe, of which she was so afraid. She had turned red, her head started to ache terribly. ” Stop” she cried. ” Shut up ” she yelled. But the shadow was not doing anything and the forest was lifeless. No sound. ” You’re lying” “I said shut up”. Nothing that she said made sense. Maybe the shadow was doing something to her head. She kept screaming, as if fighting a lost battle. Her face turning from pale yellow to red to violet to pale white, with her hands on her forehead lying there on the ground. White flowers grew on the ground and the shadow faded away. No sorrow, no remorse. She wanted to be buried in a lily farm after it all ends. Finally, the nightmare had come to an end, but she never woke up again.

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