Hey moon,
I looked for you on a Saturday night;
Left my friends, my chores behind,
With loud music and champagne.
As I was waiting for the rain.

Hey moon,
Today I saw two bees fight,
Over a pretty flower in the sunshine.
I thought that they would let it go,
But instead one of them left the home.

Hey moon,
I know home lies within my soul,
But the world is caving in, the windows are leaving me.
The plants are wilting, petals are falling,
Could you teach me how to let it be?

Hey moon,
It’s cold again, all I have is a dandelion ;
One blow will scatter it into pieces million.
And when Fear surrounds me once again,
Just keep a piece of dandelion in my remembrance.

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  1. lionkingayan says:

    believer believer


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