My eyes have been observant enough to catch you smiling at your friend who looked
gorgeous in that blue dress and they know you got drunk that night, your friends
wanted more. How you loved the disco lights and new year nights, that Indian pop
and regional rock.I know you were trying to get a decent picture of yourself for
your feed and you click beautiful photos of others by making them laugh at silly

I saw you in that birthday party, how you cried and couldn’t swallow your favourite
ice cream. I know how happy you and your classmates were when you danced together
probably for the last time. I was there. Well, not really. I was observant. I do not
know what your name is maybe, I just know how your face lines appear beautifully
when you smile. And I know that you hate your Math teacher but we never really talked.
I have always been jealous of Harry Potter for he inherited the Invisibility Cloak
from his father. I shouldn’t be now. I hide in the shadows of those disco lights
and behind the camera that took the last group photograph of our batch. While the
speakers were blasting loud the songs everyone dances to, I hid in the symphony of
Let Her Go. When you were excited, I was anxious. When you were having the best
time of your life, I was just surviving and adapting to the surroundings and
finding my Invisibility Cloak among so many happy faces. And you know how I have
always managed to find it and yet had this fear of losing it? You wouldn’t but
you’d know how I never have answers. Did you know in between those incomplete
sentences and clauses, I tried to tell you that I wish I find home soon?
You wouldn’t and I don’t expect you to know either.

” Charlie too was a wallflower, you know”, I tell myself and sit back in the shadows,
waiting for my senior year to end.

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