Funeral Pyres of Our Love

Heat waves of wrath must have vandalised our love letters-
For my heart is a simmering wildfire,
Choked by the funeral pyres of our love.
I try and try and try to wash it’s indelible soot off,
So callously it taints every hand intertwined with mine.

You gave me this souvenir- a crooked smile;
The gravity of nostalgia has effaced it into a museum,
Where memories reside like statues of Mnemosyne and her Muses.

Now the birds speak in a different tongue to me than to you.

I would have stolen every single elixir of Life,
from unventured places and outer spaces for you.
Placed you in my heart like the brightest star,
I can’t believe you trailed off on a brighter moon.

Every night, I travel time
To watch star trails of a million light years.
Damned be the compass that pointed in your direction,
When I lost my home in a river of tears.

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