In Love and Disguise

You came, as the sunset to wake me from my dreams
I bite my tongue till my words bleed internally
What I have to offer you, but apologies and gratitude
No one barters for a heart half loved, half bruised.

You know I can’t be your muse
People have left me broken and used ( so have you)
I used to think love was pink, golden, and blue
But it’s red, so like a Shakespearean misfortune.

I’m hopeless but sick to find heaven in your lips
But they’re like Californian fire; how you say my name-
Restless, careless, rush before a red light
Life has been mean, so your lovers suffice in your grief.

You wouldn’t let me keep your picture in my wallet,
Leave my promises on read on a Friday night.
The heart shaped locket that I gifted you
Was never made for holding grudges and pride.

Lost innocence, faith, belief, dreams,
people, friends, with broken hearts and smiles
Like our generation, I can’t love you for aesthetics
So I wait for the mountains to breathe the same air as me.

One put my heart on hold,
One rolls it like a gambler’s dice.
What are the rules of these twisted games?
In disguise of love, there is just pain.


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