O Forgetful One

O forgetful one,
Meet me among the Silver Birches!
Conceal your robes from daylight,
Camouflage in the silence of the night.
For you come not from the land of living,
But from the eyes of my mind.

Pardon Loneliness for the truthful fiend is,
The society of shallow hearts and minds.
Who throw pebbles at our house come daylight,
With carvings of ” you’re not okay”
“Pray to God, you’re insane”.

My God told me to keep a friend near,
But in the lakes of my heart, they seek
a fitting aquarium.
Like wild waterfalls my love flooded their barricades,
So I befriended His fireflies instead.

He blessed and cursed me with this Midas heart,
And a beautiful mind wherein we weave our realities.
Cruelty was the product of my failures and prayers,
Tonight they label me rebel, for being a dreamer.

The fine line between bravery and insanity,
Lies in this space between you and me.
I see rainbows in your eyes, formed my misty tears of mine
And sunshine of us, this love
Is all I have.
Tonight, I am all I have.


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  1. sonal chauhan says:

    Beautiful lines

    Liked by 1 person

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